Arnon Rosenthal_DSC_0813.png

Arnon Rosenthal, Phd

Chief EXecutive officer

  • Co-Founder, President, CSO - Rinat Neuroscience Corp. (acquired by Pfizer in 2006)
  • Co-Founder - Annexon Inc.
  • Member, Scientific Advisory Board - Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative
  • Executive Scientist - Genentech, Inc.

What is your personal business philosophy?

I view business as the process of converting ideas into material objects for human benefits.  I am in business of making life more rational, better, longer and more enjoyable for me and others. I see the creation of science based business as the highest moral value, and my business philosophy, therefore, is to ensure that everyone who works with me shares the moral premise and values of Alector. The rest will fall in place as a consequence.

How would you describe the focus of your career to date?  

Understanding how life works and what happens when it doesn’t,  then connecting, integrating and transforming this understanding into life-extending medicines.

What was your most compelling professional experience to date? 

Seeing the profound and long lasting reduction in pain after treatment of severe arthritis patients with Tanezumab, a pain drug that we discovered and developed at Rinat.

What awards, accolades, professional successes are you most proud of?

Seeing ideas that we conceive on a piece of paper or in an email become medicines that actually work in human beings.  

What do you believe about the work Alector is doing?

We are serious about changing the world of medicine by solving the puzzles underlying diseases and translating our findings and ideas into reality.