We are diverse. We are driven and innovative. And we operate without ego.

We trust in our power to think independently and our capacity to act.

We are pioneers.


What We Do

We mine the human genome, identifying mutations in genes that increase the risk for neurodegenerative diseases. Then we develop drugs that counteract the damage done by these mutations.

We are unified around the common goal of creating disruptive change in the way the world treats these diseases.


Why We Do It

What we’re doing is hard, but necessary. We are committed to disease states where nothing has worked or where there is opportunity to do much better.

We believe that what we do matters.

At Alector, we value transparency and intellectual freedom. We know our employees are conscientious, capable people who came here to help us achieve ambitious goals.
— Clare hunt, head of people
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What initially drew me to Alector was the incredibly novel and daring approach to treating neurodegeneration. It takes chutzpah for a small startup company to try and solve a problem that has so far been unsolvable.
— Tina Schwabe, Head of Immuno-Neurology