The Alector Story

First-generation therapeutic candidates targeting Alzheimer's disease have repeatedly failed to improve the options for the estimated 44 million individuals with this disease.

Current treatment approaches focus on single pathologies, specifically Amyloid beta (AB) and Tau. Alector’s founder, Arnon Rosenthal, hypothesized that Alzheimer's disease is associated with parallel pathologies, and therefore removal of a single causative agent is insufficient to reverse the disease. We believe that empowering the immune system to address multiple pathologies is the key.

Our mission is to develop therapies that empower the immune system to cure neurodegeneration. We will get there. 

Three developments allowed Arnon and our scientific team to pioneer this new approach:

  • Large scale human genomic studies in Alzheimer’s disease identified the critical role the innate immune system plays in neuro-degenerative disorders.

  • The importance of the immune system in combating many diseases, especially cancer (i.e. immuno-oncology), pointed to the feasibility of this approach.

  • Novel imaging and biomarker technologies were developed that substantially improved the ability to diagnose and follow the progression of these disorders.

With this scientific basis established, Arnon searched for a state of the art technology to invent immune bolstering drugs. He found it in the new antibody technology of the third founder, Tillman Gerngross. This partnership became the foundation of Alector.

Since that time, Alector has built a robust pipeline of first-in-class drug candidates and validated their utility in immuno-neurology