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Arnon Rosenthal_DSC_0813 11.08.40 AM.png

Arnon Rosenthal, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Paul_DSC_0334.png

Robert Paul, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer

Robert King_2MA_2509.png

Robert King, PhD

Chief Development Officer

Sabah Oney_DSC_0094 1.png

Sabah Oney, PhD

Chief Business Officer

Stephanie Yonker_2MA_0920 (1).png

Stephanie Yonker, PhD, JD

VP of Legal

Omer Siddiqui 2MA_1767.png

Omer Siddiqui

VP of Development Operations

Tina Schwabe_DSC_0427.png

Tina Schwabe, PhD

Director of Immuno-Neurology

Chris Simonsen_2MA_2331.png

Christian C. Simonsen, PhD

Head of Biologics Manufacturing

In Memorium

Clare  Hunt_2MA_2735.png

Clare Hunt

Head of People

Calvin Yu 2MA_1781.png

Calvin Yu

VP of Finance


Daniel Maslyar, MD

VP of Clinical Development, Oncology


Hua Long, PhD

Senior Director of Pre-Clinical Research


Spencer Liang, PhD

Senior Director of Immuno-Oncology


Jeonghoon Sun, PhD

Director of Antibody Discovery and Protein Engineering


BOARD of directors

Tillman Gerngross, PhD - Chairman of the Board

Arnon Rosenthal, PhD - CEO, Alector

David Wehner - Facebook

Kristine Yaffe, MD - UCSF

Louis J. Lavigne Jr., MBA - Lead Independent Director

Richard H. Scheller, PhD - 23andMe

Terry McGuire - Polaris


Scientific advisory board

Adam Boxer, M.D., Ph.D. - Director of UCSF Neuroscience Clinical Research Unit

Marco Colonna, M.D. - Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Stephen Hauser, M.D. - Chair of the Department of Neurology at UCSF

Michael Heneka, M.D. - Chair of the Department of Neurology at University of Bonn

Lewis Lanier, Ph.D. - Chair of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at UCSF

Liqun Luo, Ph.D. - Member of National Academy of Sciences, Stanford University

Richard Scheller, Ph.D. - Member of National Academy of Sciences, 23andMe

Thomas Christian Südhof, M.D., Ph.D. - Nobel Laureate, Stanford University

Robert Vassar, Ph.D. - Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Berislav Zlokovic, M.D., Ph.D. - Chair of the Department of Physiology & Neuroscience at USC