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Tillman gerngross, Phd

Chairman of the Board

  • Co-Founder, CEO - Adimab LLC
  • Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board Arsanis Inc.
  • Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board Avitide Inc.
  • Co-Founder, CSO - GlycoFi (acquired by Merck in 2006)
  • Professor of Bioengineering - Dartmouth College
  • Venture Partner - SV Life Sciences

What is your personal business philosophy?

To team up with the best people in a given field to develop transformational technologies or treatments.

How would you describe the focus of your career to date?

My career has focused on commercializing technologies that impact the production, purification and discovery of protein based therapies as well as developing novel business solutions to finance the development of those technologies.

What was your most compelling professional experience to date?  

Acquisition of Glycofi, my first company - it very much informed me on how we want to build Alector and how to properly capitalize the company to meet its ambitions.

What awards, accolades, professional successes are you most proud of?

Having earned the trust of the people that have worked with me for over a decade.

What do you believe about the work Alector is doing?

It requires incredible tenacity and the right scientific instinct, but holds the promise of truly transformative impact on millions of people.